Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kiku Zakura @ IOI Mall Puchong

A dinner gathering with ex-colleagues from ex-company at a Japanese restaurant Kiku Zakura located at IOI Mall Puchong (New Wing).

Just like most of the Japanese restaurants, Kiku Zakura also have a very nice exterior design.

Kiku Zakura.

Wine? Sake?

The interior even nicer especially beside the window.

Breathtaking view of lake. Will be the best during daytime when having clearer view of it.

Neat and tidy.



There are a lot of choices in the menu. Took me more than 15 minutes to decide what to order.

All kind of powders, chili oil etc...

Hot towel.

Hot green tea (bottomless/refillable).

My Salmon fish head set.

Only 1/2 salmon fish head, 1 mushroom, 2 pieces of taufu and a lot of veges. (RM25.00)

Chicken + cheese + etc...

This set is cool, tempuras are quite big.

All in one.

Receipt for 6 person.

It was Saturday night but somehow there was not many customers, and it took kinda long for our orders to be ready, yeah, about 30 minutes of waiting...
But it was forgiven because the service was very good, and the food was delicious ^_'


mIaO said...

haha, nice leh? i introduce nice place for u. :P

mIaO said...
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Baby said...

waited for 30 minutes still consider service good ah?