Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market @ Ikano Power Centre Mutiara Damansara

Manhattan Fish Market @ Ikano.

Manhattan Fish Market trademark.

Clean and nice.

Chili sauce, mayonnaise and garlic.

We are ordering this. Nothing special, just added some spicy powder on top of the dip fried fish.

My favorite mango juice, but this is not so great if compared with Chili's.

Fire burning.

It is indeed very nice, fish is fresh, prawns are delicious, fries are fabulous, rice is aromatic, squids and mussels are ho chiak, but the main problem is, all the dip fried food in the pan are way too oily, very 腻... Two person cant finish due to the oily feel that make us swell and full.

Have to order another cup of drink, and this is my ice peach tea.

Receipt for 2 person.

Not saying that the set we ordered was not delicious, but it was just too damn oily, and the price of drink is slightly steep. Regret for not lunching at 迎客楼。

Well, I don't think I'll have the same order in the recent months, or year.

Also will boycott the super hard chicken breast from my earlier post.

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