Monday, December 08, 2008

Madam Kwan's @ Pavillion

Heard of Madam Kwan's since long long time ago, but this is my 1st time trying Madam Kwan's. She's famous with her Nasi Lemak. Other than that, she still has some other choices in her menu such as local favourites, western's and so on.

The one located in Pavillion.

Her table is look like this...

Got rose on each table.

Got fork, spoon and tissue printed with her mark头.

Area overthere also belongs to her.

Lemon tea serves with honey.

Lemon tea.

Honey added.

This come with Nasi Lemak.

The legendary Nasi Lemak.

Curry mee.

Sambal for curry mee.

Receipt for 2.


mIaO said...

Li Jien, go pavillion also don ask me...

Try the japanese food laaa....

Wilson said...

eh go with which girl ler?