Monday, December 01, 2008


How come suddenly our government so good to open both AMANAH SAHAM WAWASAN 2020 (ASW) and AMANAH SAHAM MALAYSIA (ASM) to the non-bumiputra (or I prefer to refer as non-Malay) in such a short period between each other? Seems like our goverment needs a very big amount to save the market...

Look at the performance of ASM:
2006 Net Distribution per unit (sen) = 6.75
2007 Net Distribution per unit (sen) = 6.80
2008 Net Distribution per unit (sen) = 7.80

Worth a try isn't it? For now, I don't give a shit on what the government do with the money but as long as it doesn't goes lower than 6.75% or to the worst, lower than FD '_' then anything will do ^_^

So, I went to buy some units this morning. It was glad that the CIMB branch in Cyberjaya was not crowded at all. I reached there around 10:30am and before 11:00am everything already settled. My friend in Malacca had to take long queue, and heard some of the branches in KL encountered system down problem. Some even took whole day in the bank just for some units... So, the rural area like Cyberjaya still got its advantages, sometime :) Another thing need to add on for CIMB Cyberjaya, the staffs there really very helpful, unlike those in Maybank, especially the Taman Equine Maybank!!!*&*^#$&#@#! Other than that, there is a sweet teller working in CIMB Cyberjaya as well. I spent most of the queueing time staring at her. Wuahhaaha~~~

ASM is more like a saving than an investment. Basically, you only earn the dividend from it and that's all. If you plan to earn more and have more fun + excitement, go for equities... Sigh,... I missed the chance on IOICORP, sob sob~~~

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