Thursday, July 31, 2008

Late night @ Mid Valley

One of the thing that pissing me off is,... All the toilet in the whole Mid Valley are CLOSED after 10pm, only ONE toilet at the cinema floor is opened, with the finished toilet paper. Luckily my shit was not so urgent.
Another choice for toilet after 10pm in Mid Valley is inside GSC, which is much more better in condition and nothing running out. Bless me...


This one cost RM200???

Looks nicer than IMAX one but not comfortable for those who are wearing spectacles.

Empty cinema.

Empty mall.

Empty "room".

Mooncake Festival decoration.

This one and above one, which one nicer?

Empty food court. But California Fitness there still got ppl...

Midnight in Mid Valley, even the cute Wall-E oso looks kinda scary '.'

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