Sunday, July 27, 2008

潮兴鱼胶面 @ Malacca

This is the famous 鱼胶面 in Malacca.

According to my Papa, this delicious stall 1st had their stall at Jln Bunga Raya, then moved to the street opposite Ramada Hotel (this is where the 1st time I tried it during my secondary school time), then, moved again to a roadside opposite 旺角 before 旺角 was built, and at the end and now, it is located in 旺角. The thing I like about this stall is, u no need to wait for long for the food eventhough there is full of customers, and another thing, needless to say is the delicious 鱼胶面 which I hardly find anywhere else which equal or better than them, especially in Selangor/KL.

The one I posting here is the shop newly opened by their son. They are famous in 鱼胶面 but how come I ordered 酿豆腐??? Stupid me -_-
But seriously, the quality of this shop still far far away from their parents.
Another stupid thing I did is, I ate 酿豆腐 the same day in the morning at the famous shop behind the ex Federal cinema, BUT I FORGOT TO TAKE PICS!!! Really need to sing What've I Done by Linkin Park

The menu blocked by the big fan which I paiseh wanna move aside, hehe...

My mee cooked in dried mode.

My 酿豆腐

My Papa eating 鱼胶米粉, dont kacau him ^.^

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