Tuesday, July 08, 2008

红日 @ South City Plaza

1st of all, does anyone knows about South City Plaza? It is familiar to MMU or UPM students but definately not familiar to KL people. Seriously I not really like to go there. Not much choices for food as well. But this 红日 is not so bad afterall.

Wow, the antique decoration makes me feel as if I was in one of the shop at Jonker Street in my hometown Malacca.

Tissue (printed with their "brand"), chopstick, ceramic spoon

Apple chicken, vege, sotong

Apple chicken, vege, sotong, & soup :)

Food - ***
Price - ***
Service - **** (the hospitality shown by the老板娘 make on of my fren feel so high, haha...)
Environment - ** (might be bias since South City Plaza is walaoeh bring for me)

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