Wednesday, April 13, 2011

美美潮洲海鲜粥面家 B & Best @ SS4

If you like seafood, I mean real fresh seafood, either comes with noodle, mee hoon, kuey teow or even porridge, this is the correct place to choose.
After I left my previous company, only I realized that this shop is actually just a couple of miles away.

B & Best restaurant.
Too small to see? Hehe...

Great food actually prepared by some youngsters.

Very powerful taste bud killer that you need to beware of!!!
If you looking for some kick, here it is!

Seafood porridge.

Consist of fish, vegetable, fishball and oysters.
All of above are super fresh with original taste of sweetness.

Seafood kuey teow with clear broth.

Dried mee hoon.

Soup with fish, fishballs, vegetable, clams

It costs around RM14.40 each including drinks.
Expensive but delicious.


Isaac Tan said...

ncie food bro. :) How have you been recently? You're in KL?

Keep in touch bro. We can catch up with a lot of other KL bloggers.

Do check out my blog when you're free.

* *

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

Yea bro, still in KL.
I read ur blog too, damn interesting la... My blog like dying d, haha...