Monday, January 10, 2011

Restoran Chilly Pan Mee 辣椒板面 Batu Road 第四分行 @ SS2

Restoran Chilly Pan Mee 辣椒板面 located at PJ SS2.

One of the famous Pan Mee within Selangor.

This is the reason why the Pan Mee is so nice.

Dry version.
Difference between the Pan Mee here and most of the Serdang ones, this one comes with an egg.

Dry version come with a soup.

Version with soup base.

Side orders, dumpling.

Meat ball.

I can't give much comments as I got stomach problem during that day.
No appetite for food and couldn't play well during badminton session as well :(
But anyhow, Pan Mee @ Serdang Raya still my number one till date.

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