Thursday, January 13, 2011

espresSoup @ Berjaya Times Square

My first time visit to espresSoup @ Berjaya Times Square was during Christmas 2010.



Manual on how to eat -_-"
We didn't follow the manual.
Indeed, our way of eating make the entire dishes looks organized, clean and not geli, haha...
Our way: First of all, drink a few spoons of soup, then cut out the bread on upper side horizontally and dip in the soup. Repeat the steps until finish.

Table is kinda too small for 3 sets.

We ordered 3 different type of soups.
Clam, mushroom, pumpkin if not mistaken. Memory lost already -_-"

Soup in the bread, which the bread is originated from Germany.
The taste of the bread is just normal, or even not as good as ordinary bread, but it is made of wheat and rye flours with full of nutrition.
As usual, the healthier the food is, the worse it tastes; the unhealthy the food is, the better it tastes.
Eg.: Oat tastes so plain but healthy.
Crab tastes heavenly delicious but unhealthy.

Beautiful salad, yeah, beautiful right?
Taste good as well ^^

Bread with cheese and ham.

Official website:


Isaac Tan said...

looks good bro!
Have never tried there yet, maybe soon!

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

yea, not extremely delicious but special...