Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flame City Steamboat @ Equine Park

Newly opened steamboat shop at Equine Park, just right opposite Ta Chong.
Though the location is strategic, but somehow previous few restaurants just couldn't make it big, for example Island Red Cafe and some high end mamak.
Hopefully Flame City Steamboat able to do it well here.

Flame City Steambot @ Equine Park.

Newly opened.
Check out the business hour, is until 2.00am.

Mainly spicy soup base.

Too bad no refillable drink, not even a pot of Chinese tea.

Chicken and herb, what's the difference???

Mushroom, fish ball, tomato(???)...

Seafood area...

Hot dog, crab stick, tofu, chicken leg (???)...

This section is interesting.
You can prepare the chili and sauces base on your own favor.
Unlimited sesame, garlic, parsley etc.

All varieties of chili.

Nothing special about the choices of food here.
Even for fruit also only got watermelon, ya, just watermelon.
Steamboat without refillable Chinese tea is a sad thing.
Eventhough it is buffet style, but just nothing much which I like to fill in to my stomach.
No extremely fresh seafood which you can find at Damansara Village.
No extremely delicious fish ball which you can find at Ho Ho steamboat.
The only thing which caught my attention was the chili and sauces mixing area.
Maybe we should try their spicy soup base since they are specialize in spices.
Maybe you can have a try and let me know more...


Baby said...

my prediction: it will close down soon.

Venus Delite said...

You should try the tomato flavour, it is fabulous, i try it in puteri, drinks are refillable.