Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Roxy's @ Plaza Glomac Kelana Jaya

April is going to end in another 3 days, and I only have a total of 4 posts in my blog for the month of April, what a shame...

Here is a little farewell for my colleague. My company every month also got farewell, sometime more than a person in a month, what a shame...

Roxy's is a little pub located opposite my office.


Their little liquor collections.

I hope to have this kind of decoration at my home.

Nice sofas for you to sleep after drunk, but don't puke on them ok!


My first time trying on Corona.

For me, it just not so impressive.
Rather spend on Kilkenny or Hoegaarden.

The lemon makes the beer more sparkling, chemical reaction happens here...

First time trying on Tiger Crystal as well.
Refreshing. Suitable for lady as well...

Receipt taken while drunk.............................

I broke my promise and drank after badminton AGAIN!!!
But this time the volume can considered reduced a lot if compared with previous...
Can see my effort at least :p

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