Friday, April 16, 2010

Movies that I watched so far this year...

Sherlock Holmes
Opened on Christmas last year, but only able to watch it early January this year. Nice movie with nice cinematography, as well as witty English style of dialogue. Don't know why, I prefer Dr. Watson than Holmes in this movie. Guy Ritchie, a director with his own specialty. He can make awesomely nice movie, and vice versa. Just compare his Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Swept Away and you'll know what I mean...

Avatar (3D)
Watch normal version last year. Seriously, I really didn't feel any excitement when watching it second time in 3D. I wish I had skipped the normal version and directly go to 3D without wasting my time and money and energy.

This movie really nothing much to talk about. Too normal, and boring. The little old lady was the only interesting part of the entire movie.

But the good thing is, this movie session was the first time the Hybrid Team had the memorable gathering. We had our delicious dinner at Italianese before the movie. After the movie, we hang out at Laundry until late night. Really miss that moment...

Case 39
Badly edited movie. I can't believe that this movie was shot in late 2006 and dragged until 2009/10 only able to be released in just a few countries(not even released in US). Renée Zellweger was wasted in this shitty movie.

I can say that this is the first movie of year 2010 which at least let me feel that my money worth the ticket.

Book of Eli
The story is simple.
With the power of Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington, together with the beauty of Mila Kunis, the ticket is worth what you paid.
The only thing I doesn't like is, Eli doesn't look like a blind man(缺乏说服力), as well as Gary Oldman is too weak as a mafia/villain boss(缺乏说服力).
成也Gary Oldman,败也Gary Oldman
成也Denzel Washington,败也Denzel Washington

How to Train Your Dragon
Best animation so far this year...
Great and strong story (It's from children's novel).
Beautiful graphic with nicely designed characters.
Stoick gave a hand on releasing Night Fury make me feel touched.
Not a conventional happy ending but it won't spoil the audiences' emotion. It indeed makes Hiccup more like one of the Viking...

Clash of the Titans
Release the kraken 出来喊两声就收皮,真是严重被炸到…


JJ said...

wah you don't watch 14 blade? that is a must watch movie 2010? - your Fujbatch 1796 la

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

Fujbatch 1796?