Tuesday, March 17, 2009

阿业靓汤 @ Low Yat

Due to the sudden death of my pc, I went to Low Yat Plaza to do some research on the latest price of pc components as well as laptop.
Due to the financial problem I am having due to my salary always banking in late since January 2009 due to my company facing economy crisis due to it is a US company due to clients owing us money, I have to minimize my budget and go for the lowest spec of everything as long as it able to resurrect my pc. Oh ya, have to forget about laptop for now due to those "due to-s". As usual, 阿业靓汤 is my favourite eating place whenever I stop by Low Yat Plaza and The Mines since it is healthier if compares with fast foods or any others. The environment also very clean, quiet and comfortable.


Herba tea

Chicken, vege and so on.

炖汤 long-cook Soup?

The soup of the day set (Rice + Chicken + Soup) just cost RM6.90. Everyday comes with different soup. If you want the set which the soup is not soup of the day, you need RM9.90 for a set.

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