Monday, July 18, 2011

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Mid Valley

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Mid Valley located same row as Maybank or Chilis.

Neat wooden tables and chairs.

Decoration of bottles.
Beers' bottle I guess.
Germany beers!!!

Unique wall decorations.

Please be reminded by the coaster that you are having great moment at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.

One for one pint promotion.

Münchner Dunkel of Hacker-Pschorr tastes very good!!!

Yam Seng!!!

Side dish with potatoes.

Another side dish which I don't know what is it, some kind of vegetable.
This one really helps to boast up our appetite as it tastes a bit sour.

Half rack of pork ribs.
This is very delicious, about on a par with the one I had at El Cerdo.

Pork knuckle.

Very delicious set of pork dinner.

Let's roll!!!


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