Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sea Terrace @ Portuguese Settlement Malacca

My second visit to Sea Terrace @ Portuguese Settlement Malacca Stall 1.
The place is very different from the previous time I visited, which you can refer to HERE

Stall 1 is always full compared with others.

This can overcome the hot weather.

I don't know which stall is famous for their mango juice, so just simply choose this as it is the nearest to Stall 1.

I can't tell whether it is entirely from fresh mango, but it tastes very nice.
Sour plum is included to enhance the taste.

A must-ordered dish in Portuguese settlement.
But it is very expensive as it is just a red fish and cost around RM40.00!!!
I can simply get a big one cooked in steam mode with just RM12.00 at Equine Park.

This one is the best among all, only a bit over salty.

Sotong is not my favourite, so can't comment much :)

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