Monday, October 20, 2008

Malacca Portuguese Settlement Seafood - Sea Terrace

Seafood at Malacca Portuguese Settlement is a must try if got chance to visit Malacca.

Sea Terrace, stall 1, is the most crowded stall among all. Ho Chak! oso went to this stall.

Apple juice

Ppl mountain ppl sea.

Jenak bakar. Can refer to 8TV Ho Chak! to see how they cook this.

Black pepper crab. They put the crab in boiling water which contain ginger, black pepper & salt and cook until the water totally dried. Unique method but it really keeps the freshness of the crabs. Can refer to 8TV Ho Chak! to see how they cook this OSO.

Sweet and sour tomato sauce crab.

Let's get the party started!!!

Receipt for four. RM38/KG is a bit expensive though... Can have Sri Lanka big crab with that price. But anyway,... it really beat up those RM18/KG in Selangor.


Alan Wang said...

wow I like 鼎泰丰.. tried once in Taipei :p

liij said...

eh taiko,... here is Portuguese Settlement seafood la, haha :P