Tuesday, February 08, 2011

鼎泰丰 Din Tai Fung @ Pavilion

Another visit to my favorite Taiwanese Food restaurant.
This time we tried 鼎泰丰 Din Tai Fung @ Pavilion.

鼎泰丰 Din Tai Fung @ Pavilion

Busy chefs making the Bao.

Menu on the wall.
Of course they got their real menu, this is only for decoration ^^

Chrysanthemum Pu Er 菊花普洱 @ RM14.00

Healthy drink.

2 tiny dots of Truffle Xiao Long Bao 小笼包 @RM12.00!!!
One gulp can finish the little Bao.
One gulp can finish my RM6.00 :(
According to the waitress, it was made from some precious truffle.
But I can't really taste the deliciousness or anything special as it is kind of normal.

Pork fried rice.

Spicy prawn wan tan mee
This is very aromatic and delicious.
My friend couldn't bear seeing me eating such a delicious food and ordered another bowl of this after eating his pork fried rice.

Mango pudding.
This one not as good as what we thought.


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