Sunday, February 13, 2011

CNY 2011 之 有朋自远方来

Friends of mine came to Malacca during Chinese New Year.
Below are some of the MISC pictures taken, marking the places and food that we had.

I, as a Malaccan, never entered this ship until now...

Action Figures?
Inside the ship got a lot of antiques from Dynasty Qing discovered underneath the football field last time (aka. Dataran Pahlawan now).

Original/Vanilla flavor, the best of the best.

Green tea to easy our thirst.

Afar is the "second generation bridge" at Portuguese Settlement.

Seaside @ Portuguese Settlement.

What's this?
Some kind of rock made from thousands of mini oysters.

Lamp post on new (3rd generation) bridge of Portuguese Settlement.

Sea view from the new bridge.

The dots on the sea are the old bridge (first generation).

The old bridge which brought me a lot of sweet memories are cut off now :(
The old bridge, which was so popular until it manage to get appearance in Andy Lau's movie.

During I Form 3, I used to jog here with my friend early in the Sunday morning.
The old bridge was so dangerous and challenging as the woods were mostly rotten and broken.
If you miss your steps, meaning that you'll be in deep sea or mud, depends on the tide.
Hmm,... Now, this is what it left...

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