Friday, December 03, 2010

Duke @ TTDI

If you wanna get a decent place to chill and have some great drinks, normally you can't escape from spending a lot of money, especially if you order liquor or wine.
Sometimes, it is a good idea to bring in our own liquor from some duty free places, and of course need to pay for the charges, which is still worth on it (for some places).

The charge of bringing in own bottle is differs greatly from every places.

Library @ Mid Valley - RM180.00 for 1 litter and cannot park
Most of the clubbing places at Sunway not allow us to bring in our own liquor, and even those allow also charge up to RM345, siao!!!
So we ended up at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail:
Ip Man @ TTDI - RM150
Duke @ TTDI - RM75.00 for 1 litter and can park as long as you wish :D

So of course we ended up in Duke.
FYI, the tidbit is free of charge as well.

Duke Bar & Restaurant.



Passport Scotch

The taste is not as strong as others.

Not so good with this type of green tea as mixer, too sweet...

Perfect match with Coke ^^

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