Friday, November 12, 2010

阿牛正庄西刀鱼丸粉 @ Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan

阿牛正庄西刀鱼丸粉(金满满茶餐室) @ Taman Equine.
The best fishball noodle in Taman Equine.

The fishballs are above average, and the soup is superb.

冬粉 Cellophane noodles (also known as Chinese vermicelli, bean threads, bean thread noodles, crystal noodles, or glass noodles)

河粉 Kueh Teow

鱼饼 Fish cake


Baby said...

where is this?

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

same row with Da Chong...

Baby said...

got restoran name in english ah?

Jenson Lii J. Tan said...

Err,.. something like Jin Man if not mistaken