Tuesday, July 06, 2010

甜品哥哥 @ SS2

Wanted to eat Mango Loo from KTZ SS2 but full-house as always.
So we went to their rival, 甜品哥哥.
甜品哥哥 got more than 150 type of choices.
If not in hurry and with empty stomach, I'll spend 20 minutes to decide my order.

I ordered this for smoothen throat.

Hard to decide which one to choose as I love both durian and mango.

Pear Stewed Tendril-leaved Fritillary Bulb...
Ok, I learned new terms.

Durian Pan Cake.

Red beans ice with ice cream.

I wasn't playing with my food, but just curious to know what's inside.

Dessert brother is kinda expensive...

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