Sunday, July 11, 2010

Johnson's farewell + Birthday celebration @ Pasta ZanMai One Utama

Don't know why, recently I keep on forgetting to take picture of the main entrance of the shop. Sometimes, I reminded myself to shoot main entrance but later on I forgot to shoot the food pulak... Memory is loosing due to aging, I guess...

Anyway, here's the nearest entrance I can get from Pasta ZanMai One Utama.

Hot and cold green tea.

Due to the hunger, we ordered this as starter.

My set, which is the most worthy as it contains of so many and only cost less than RM30.00.
Full to the max after clearing the entire set.

Birthday boy, Johnson.

Birthday cake from Secret Recipe.

All of us.


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K3ViN said...

Nvm... ur turn will came soon..... Then that time remember to invite me wor :P wah...... look soooooo nice.... i really miss out this event lor.... toooo bad..... look like u all really enjoy.... :P