Thursday, May 06, 2010

Iron Man 2

Fuiyooh, so yau yeng and cool...

This part really seductive... The way she stared at Tony Stark (and me), sucked my breath away...

With these tights, needless to say...

Not only the bad guys, I myself also pengsan among them...

Why only put Scarlett's pictures? Because she's the only attraction in the entire movie.

My rating meters for Iron Man 2:
Action - 3/10 (Too less of action for an action movie, Iron Man VS War Machine is so lame. Final counter with Whiplash really makes me speechless(涕笑皆非), don't know wanna say it geng or lousy...)
Effect - 3/10 (Nothing special compared with the first movie.)
Fun - 4/10 (Ok but still fail.)
Plot - 3/10 (内容空洞,Tak ada isi)
Twist - 0/10 (???)
Brutal - 3/10 (Ip Man 2 tells you more about it.)
Horror - 1/10 (Will talk bout this for A Nightmare on Elm Street.)
Fantasy - 1/10 (The opening when Iron Man flying to the show, which you already had it in Batman & Robin)
Beauty - 8.5/10 (Scarlett and Gwyneth)

Why don't have this scene one? Can't see her sexy armpit on big screen T_T

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