Monday, February 16, 2009

蒲种酿豆腐 @ Puchong

I'm a 酿豆腐(yong tau fu) lover. I love fish paste, especially those homemade by 西刀鱼 and 马绞鱼. This is the famous one in Puchong. RM1.00 per item, which considered kinda pricy, but they give quite generous portion. The rule of this shop is, choose the item you want 1st, then they will fill them up with the fish paste, and cook on the spot.

Herbal tea and 吉子酸梅

When you order Tao kee and Tao Pok, they will come in fried version.

You'll get a bowl of soup full with 九支菜 when u order item like chili, lady's finger, 苦瓜 etc...

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