Sunday, January 18, 2009

叶全肉骨茶 @ Puchong

That day after my nightshift, I was requested by my friend to help him look for the location of some place which he had some important thing to do over there but didn't know how to go. Really tedious after working nightshift and need to explore the place which I never been. But, the sacrificed of sleeping was kinda worth it because I was rewarded a good meal for that day's lunch. Actually we planned to go for the famous yong tau fu but that shop wasn't open that day. So we went for the famous bak kut teh instead.

Ip Man's brother???

They have a lot of newspaper appearance and these are some of it.

Cooked with soup, portion for 2 person.

This is the 1st time I try the dried bak kut teh, it is SUPERB!!! Definately will come and try again.

Receipt of 3 portion of bak kut teh but ate by 2 person, hehe...

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