Saturday, October 18, 2008

鼎泰丰 @ The Garden

Seriously, 鼎泰丰 is much more better than 笼的传人, yet the price range is almost the same.

The entrance of 鼎泰丰 @ The Garden Midvalley

So many superstars have tried it, how bout you?


Please wait to be seated laaa!!!

The menu

But, did I order this???

Nice interior

The history of 鼎泰丰. Yeah,... it is voted as the world's TOP 10 restaurant by The New York Times.

Shrimp and Pork fried rice.

Our order

Isk, I dun like this leh

Luo Han Guo

The sambal/chili is not as nice as the Serdang Raya 版面, but still spicy though,...

Bottomless Chinese tea,...


Closer look at the cute sexy juicy 小笼包

Steamed chicken soup la mien,... The soup is superb, just like drinking Brand's chicken essence.

The satisfaction is almost to the max ^.^
Definately will come back!!!


Alan Wang said...

eh.. The Garden in which area ar?
鼎泰丰was a good memory to me, I tried the best ever小笼包 once in Taipei 3 yrs ago but the price was... >.<
How is the garden outlet and how is the service?

liij said...

鼎泰丰@The Garden is just opposite Cold Storage. Wah,.. not good la u, went Taipei oso nvr asked me join, hehe...
That was the 1st time I visited 鼎泰丰, overall not bad la, environment oso very comfortable, the service was good enough, since tat time was not peak hour, so not many customers. Perhaps should go there during peak hour then only can judge the efficiency of the workers, hehe...