Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Bali_Day 1

Facial towel, cute :)

Welcome drink from Pullman Hotel

View from the bathroom

View from room balcony

Exterior of Pullman

Stopped by Warung Kampung for lunch

Counter selling all sorts of local tid bits

Just some simple fried rice and noodles to fill up the empty stomachs

Kuta beach!!!


Kuta Beach under the hot sun taken by iPhone 4

Reflection of the sun

Who built this castle?

Pullman hotel just right in front of Kuta Beach

Donkey or pony?

Shopping time!

Slippers vending machine.

Dinner time @ Sang Ria

Candle light dinner

But quite a lot of mosquitoes...

The usual suspect on dining table in Bali

Pork ribs


All the main courses were superb especially the broth of this "laksa"

Lobby of Pullman at night

Anyone artistic enough to explain what is the meaning of the wall decoration?

Good night :)

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