Thursday, June 17, 2010

Royal Oak Pub & Restaurant @ Jaya One

... continue from the previous post... After we went Laila's Cafe-Lounge, we looked for some other pubs for another round...

Hard to look for a pub to drink after midnight when it is not Fri or Sat.
As the mood of Kilkenny arrived, 3 pints for RM50.00 will always be my choice.

Not many pubs still on business during 2am Monday morning.
At first, we went to the one opposite Royal Oak but "chased" away by the waiter politely saying that they were closing and he "secretly" informed us that Royal Oak still open and selling Kilkenny.

The environment is not so spacious and the "feel" is not so "kao" if compared with the one we went previously. But still it is a good place for drink.


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