Monday, March 22, 2010

Little Bally Cafe @ Subang Jaya

I think I've done a very unhealthy stuff recently.
Playing badminton suppose to be a healthy activity at the first place, but, drinking tones of beer after playing badminton to ease the thirst, I think it is bad for health...

Little Bally Cafe at Subang Jaya.

Little stage.

A great place to dine and wine al fresco.

"免费热绿茶或柠檬汁。Beer drinker please request a free complimentary lemon juice or hot green tea from our staff after the beer for refreshing purpose".

Not many places which you can find this kind of service/offer.

Price list.

Chicken chop.

Set dinner.

1 bucket of Skol at only RM39.90 eventhough after happy hour.

Hot green tea.


After this, we went to Sunway for another around of beer -_-"

I promise myself no more beer after badminton...

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